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Exploring Assessment for Pupils Working Below AREs (Age Related Expectations)

Exploring assessment for pupils working below Age Related Expectations (AREs)


The Alliance have commissioned a small group of teachers to look at the ways in which achievement and progress can best be recorded for those pupils working above the P Levels but below Age Related Expectations. This group has considered the recommendations of the Rochford Review and started to examine work being carried out elsewhere. The group are liaising with Hampshire LA Inspectors and Early Years advisers.


The national commission are very late in reporting of their plans for the future use of P Levels. News earlier this year had indicated that it would be published in April and that the requirement to report using the P Levels would be removed. However as yet no such statement has been forthcoming. The group here are keen to liaise with a new group being set up by the Hampshire Special Headteachers conference to examine ways of reporting progress and achievements for those currently seen as working within the P Levels. As always Better Together are keen to work in partnership with others whose work is dedicated to ensuring the best for all our youngsters.