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Pupil Premium Reviews

 Pupil Premium Reviews


  • 20 % of schools currently going through OFSTED are coming out with a recommendation for a Pupil Premium Review

  • The purpose of a Pupil Premium Review (PPR) is to improve the school’s pupil premium strategy, so that they spend the funding on approaches shown to be effective in improving the achievement of disadvantaged pupils

  • You must publish details of how your school spends its PP funding & the effect this has had on vulnerable pupils’ attainment.

  • You must include:

    • how much pupil premium funding you received for this academic year

    • details of how you intend to spend the funding, including your reasons and evidence

    • details of how you spent the pupil premium funding you received for last academic year

    • how it made a difference to the attainment of disadvantaged pupils


John Dunford, the pupil premium champion, says:


  • Keep your focus relentlessly on the quality of teaching and learning

  • Take a look at excellent practice in other schools

  • Use the Sutton Trust / Education endowment toolkit

  • Study OFSTED reports focussing on the pupil premium

  • Decide on the strategy and hold it to account to ensure the best outcomes

  • Plan how you can develop skills as well as knowledge. 


If you would like to commission a Pupil Premium Review please contact the Teaching School -


Please see the EEF teaching and learning toolkit to help you consider which interventions are most effective