Better Together

A Special Teaching School Alliance

Visions and Values

Visions and Values of the Teaching School Alliance.



Sharing and working together improves outcomes for all.

  • We believe in collaboration with other schools and partners. Our experience is that by working with others we can both share and learn together.

  • Partnerships should, and typically do, improve outcomes for both schools.


  • Positive partnerships will ensure greater expertise by pooling and better use of resources

  • We believe, as key advocates for school improvement, in taking a pro-active approach, especially as LA resources reduce.

  • The teaching school alliance is effectively a voluntary agreement between schools and other partners to work together to ensure the best for all children. It ensures this by staff learning from each other and organisations working to prepare for a successful future together rather than by any formal structures or control.

  • HTTSA exists to promote first class education for children at all schools within the alliance and beyond

  • HTTSA is passionate about achieving the best provision possible for those with Special Educational Needs and or disabilities (SEND) and this will be a key theme of our work.

  • Children and young people deserve the very best from Education and the Alliance will be fully committed to high quality policy and procedures in relation to all safeguarding issues

  • The Alliance welcomes partnerships with other schools and organisation similarly committed to these values.

  • We will seek to develop stronger ties for School to School Support and to lead and develop the skills, knowledge and attitudes to teach and lead our children and our schools today and tomorrow.

  • High quality Leadership is essential to ensure high quality education for all. The Alliance will seek to support and develop current leaders and to encourage, nurture and train potential future leaders

  • High quality teaching and learning can only be achieved with first rate teachers. The Alliance will seek to up-skill existing teachers and recruit and train the next generation of skilled professionals.